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Our experienced professionals custom design, build and maintain outdoor living spaces: decks, pergolas, awnings, retaining walls, sports enclosures, hand rails and railings, gazebos, and iron structures – all the elements needed to secure your property and enhance your outdoor living environment.


Create a sturdy,  beautiful deck outside your door to extend your living space and create a new area for children’s play, barbecues, family gatherings or relaxing time outdoors.


A pergola defines a backyard space in an outstanding way providing a shaded place for gathering with family and friends to enjoy a meal or a relaxing visit.


Porch/Patio awnings provide visual appeal, coverage from snow, rain and harsh sun and protection for your outdoor furniture, increasing your home’s value.

Retaining Walls

Retaining walls with angles and slopes add multiple tiers to your yard for new planting areas and soil retention. Increasing esthetics add curb appeal for your home.

Sports Enclosures

Create a space for your children’s sports practice at home with a beautiful & professional basketball court. Black chain link allows enclosed, yet visible, space for play.

Railing & Hand Rails

Create safe spaces for children’s play on deck, balcony, stairs or pool area that don’t restrict views. Sturdy custom-designed railings increase safety and beautify your home.


Gazebo in Yakima

Gazebos enhance your property and provide a space to relax, gather, and entertain. This gazebo was built by Joshy’s Fencing at the Yakima Area Arboretum’s Rose Garden.

Iron Projects

We can custom build iron projects to meet your needs including decorative fencing, iron structures, door screens, window guards and decorative iron railings.

Beautify and add functionality to your Outdoor Living Spaces

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Decks expand living space, right outside your door

Pergolas define Outdoor Entertainment Spaces

Awnings provide protection from sun, rain and snow for outdoor patios

Retaining Walls protect from erosion & create new spaces for foliage

Enclosed Sports Spaces protect your children while they play

Railing and Hand Rails provide safety, beauty and functionality – iron, vinyl, wood & cable

A backyard Gazebo is a special place to relax and enjoy the outdoors

Gazebo in Yakima

Our skilled crews build Structures for outdoor dining and storage